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                                               THE OHIO STATE HATE FEST:

                                      IN THE BELLY OF THE BEAST

                                                              By  Lee Kaplan

                                                       National Director, DAFKA


From November 7th to 9th this month I attended the Third National Student Conference on Palestine Solidarity held at Ohio State. The conference was different this year from the previous two where chants such as “Death to Jews” were de rigeur and terrorist guests such as Sami al Arian were featured attractions.  This year’s conference was designed to not look anti-Semitic. The virulence was there but was expressed in more subtle terminology. The word “Zionist” was inserted cautiously in every sentence as a euphemism for Jew at this event, yet the message was loud and clear and the same: destroy Israel and its Jewish population by any means possible and oppose the US government and its policies in Iraq.


To lend an air of “solidarity”, different arcane radical movements from the 60’s and 70’s  this reporter thought were long gone were also present to lend their support to the Palestinian goal of dismantling the Jewish state such as the American Indian Movement and the All Afrikan People’s Revolutionary Party, Stokely Carmichael’s group linked to the Black Panthers[1]. Some things never die. Sadly, this event also featured several leftist Jews, that is Jews of perhaps Jewish ancestry with no particular concern for being Jewish or for the fate of the Jewish people, particularly some Israeli Jews, who could be found to lend a new image to the event as being a human rights activity in search of a peaceful solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and not what it really was: a meeting to plan strategy on how to wipe Israel off the map. Some, like Adam Shapiro, told me they no longer considered themselves Jews, while others said they considered themselves Israelis but not Jews. In fact, trying to cultivate the American Jewish community to despise Israel like these questionable Jews was a major theme. Henry Hershkovitz, a Jewish activist who has worked with the ISM and is trying to create a Jewish front group for the Palestinian cause called Jewish Witnesses For Peace (no doubt modeled after such a group in the San Francisco Bay Area called Jewish Voice For Peace), is stated in the conference program that the American Israel lobby, AIPAC, must be made to stop lobbying by working on local Jewish Federations to turn them against supporting Israel and lamented the arrest of al Arian as a voice “lost” despite the murder of over 100 people by that “voice”. He urged going to the synagogues to pitch the Palestinian cause. During the conference he repeated the need to create a new movement at synagogues against Israel using the 1930’s bank robber Wilie Sutton as an example. When Sutton was asked why he robbed banks he replied, “Because that’s where the money is”, joked Hershkovitz. How fitting that a quote from a gangster should be used by this man who would pass himself off as a “peace” advocate and mourn the arrest of a terrorist murderer.

 The opening press conference featured Fatima Ayub, a graduate student at Johns Hopkins University, who later that opening Friday night heaped praise on the “freedom fighters” who opposed the United States in “Afghanistan, Palestine, Iraq and Chechnya”, all locations where Al Qaeda is fighting its War On Terror against the West and even two where American soldiers are dying. Also featured and one of the main organizers was Fayyad Sbaihat, a student at the University of Wisconsin who heads the pro-Palestinian group, Al Awda (the Return in Arabic) at that university. Sbaihat stated during the press conference open to the media that the event was designed to express multiple points of view toward settling the issue of Israel/ Palestine and was there to discuss divestment as a tool to lead to a resolution. He also said participants came from all points of view, even those who advocate a two-state solution. Nothing could have been further from the truth once inside since one of the main objectives of the conference besides divestment was indeed “The Return” which is the advocacy that every Arab who declares himself a Palestinian be allowed to live with Israel’s 1948 borders in order to demographically wipe out the Jewish state. Sbaihat is also, according to Israeli security sources, from an entire family including himself who are active members of the Popular Front For The Liberation Of Palestine (PFLP). For those not in the know, the PFLP has staged many of the terrorist attacks and suicide bombings inside Israel such as the murder of Israeli Tourism Minister Rahbaa’m Zevi in Jerusalem. Sbaihat, who is from the outskirts of Jenin , told in a private interview how his two brothers remained in the West Bank to participate in the intifada rather than to attend classes in the United States. Sbaihat no doubt assumes this information about him is unknown.

No longer. So this conference was headed yet again as in years past by someone involved in terrorism.

Also featured were two Jewish students named Ora Wise and Ben Waxman. Waxman is a student from Juniatta College in Virginia.  Ora, who works at a left-wing synagogue, Kolot Chayeinu in Park Slope, Brooklyn, New York, gushed that “Zionism is racism” and thus provided a motivation for ending any concept of the Jews having their own nation as a haven from persecution. She began by making it a point to call for divestment to weaken and ruin the Jewish state. She declared this conference was to “build upon the successes of (the previous conferences at) UC Berkeley and Michigan” and “to share tactics on divestment to strengthen the ability to work on a national level”. Considering those two previous conferences contained numerous exhortations to murder Jews and that even the honored guest, Sami al Arian, at the last one was an international terrorist leader now in federal lock-up, one wonders just what Ms. Wise considers a “success”? She went on to announce that divestment was necessary to discuss at the conference to make Israel also accountable as an “apartheid” state.. She also called upon the “mainstream Jewish community to reject unfounded accusations of anti-Semitism against the Palestinian Solidarity Movement” (like last year’s reported rants to “Kill the Jews” at the “successful” Michigan conference?).. She declared Israel “a colonial project”. Aside from being fanatical, she was also badly misinformed. Colonialism is when a  foreign government takes control of another country to force its inhabitants to work for low or nonexistent wages in order to take that second country’s resources out for the benefit of the invading country.. “Yes”, Ora declared,“Israel is created on a racist ideology”, and that “4 million refugees were driven out since even the descendents of the original 600,000 Arab refugees from 1948 have the right to return to Palestine”. Odd that the 821,000 Jewish refugees who fled from Arab lands play no part in Ms. Wise’s passion to be a revolutionary. Even her own father, a rabbi at Adath Israel Congregation in Cincinnati has stated he does not agree with her anti-Semitic diatribes[2]. For more of an eye-opener on Ms. Wise, see footnotes.[3]

  After the press conference the event moved to a panel which included Vernon Bellecourt of the American Indian Movement (AIM), a group famed for killing two FBI agents in a coup de grace shooting back in 1975. Bellencourt introduces himself as the “foreign minister” of AIM. He first  developed his association with the Palestine movement after being invited on an expense-paid  trip to Bengazi, Libya, by that champion of human rights, Mohammar Ghaddafi, in an effort to insult the US government. He later told me in a private interview about how when he met Yasser Arafat he embraced the old terrorist and said “I too, am a Palestinian”.  No doubt Ghaddaffi’s money must have helped to bolster that sense of fraternal feeling. At the conference Bellencourt declared Saddam Hussein a national symbol of Iraq and the killing of Hussein’s sons as an “assassination” by the US government.  “Imagine”, he asked, “if  someone had killed President Bush’s daughters in a similar way”. Hussein’s sons were killed in a firefight where American soldiers were wounded and I doubt the Bush girls ever killed 5,000 of their countrymen a month or tortured many more. Bellencourt then railed that activists should have “been marching in Washington by the million to bring this (the US) government down as necessary” and to “build a massive movement to get those thugs out of the White House and out of the capital”. He declared Kerry, Lieberman, Gephardt, Powell and Rice as well as the President as “war criminals, to call for a people’s tribunal and to carry out the (death) sentence”. Then he wrapped an Arafat-style keffiyah (Arab headdress) around his shoulders to show his love for humanity.

 Next up was Noura Erakat, a law student from UC Berkeley who is the niece of

Saeb Erekat, Yasser Arafat’s closest political advisor. Noura, a true lawyer-type, was reciting fallacious interpretations of “international law” violations by Israel that real international lawyers have stated repeatedly are not violations at all. To listen to her one would almost believe the Palestinians never signed the Oslo agreement  advocating negotiations in lieu of violence and giving Israel some rights to its settlements for security purposes. Instead, Noura railed against Israel as a violator of laws, a “racist state”. At the same time she mentioned she worked in Israel in the Israeli Supreme Court to oppose the Israeli government and it policies. So much for a racist state. Ms. Erakat seemed to be unable to appreciate Israel’s democratic principles that allowed her to make such a pain-in-the-ass of herself on Israel’s time and dime. She mentioned using the International Criminal Court to declare Israel an outlaw apartheid state, declaring “you can’t have a democratic and Jewish state, it’s a contradiction”. Spoken like a true lawyer (or law student) who is pushing the agenda of Arab Muslim countries that are neither democratic and also theocracies.[4] She then descended into outright falsehoods and misrepresentations: “Citizenship in Israel is based on blood” (not true) and that Israel attacked the Arabs in 1967 to take the West Bank, not that the Arabs had actually committed acts of war to precipitate it. She ranted on in legalese of Israeli violations of international law and the need to divest here in the US from Israel, which is actually illegal on a governmental level by US laws passed to protect Israel. She ranted about Sharon being tried as a war criminal in Belgium while ignoring Arafat’s repeatedly sending suicide bombers inside Israel to murder Israeli men, women and even children. It struck me as pathetic that this young woman was using democratic laws to promote the will of a fascist totalitarian movement that advocates terrorism and even teaches it to their children. She then finished her rant vilifying the US as treating its Mexican “refugees” the same as the Palestinians which developed a common cause--solidarity. Mexican illegal immigrants did not dance in the streets on 9/11 or hand out candy to celebrate. Someone should ask Ms. Erakat as a  future officer of the court why she participated in an illegal seizure of a building at UC Berkeley where an officer was assaulted as part of her Palestinian activities.[5]

Fatima Ayub then added to the evening describing the goals of the conference as “highlighting our ethical choices and responsibilities with the ultimate goal of the “freedom” of the Palestinian people, social justice with the Iraqis, Native Americans and Black Americans.” She condemned the US for going into Afghanistan and tied her contempt to the act of solidarity with the Palestinian people with these two “struggles”.

One wonders if she thought the Taliban were "freedom fighters"?

 So much for Friday.

 Saturday morning brought with it the “Action Workshops” and “Skill Share-Discussion Workshops”. But first there was a “General Meeting and Reports Back & Assessment Section”. In order to attend this I had to go through metal detectors like at the airport—no camera or recorders here—since the reports of what came out of the previous Berkeley and Michigan conferences needed to be controlled here and their “strategy” had to be protected. Once inside I could see why. Students from campuses all across the country took turns at the microphone describing what their groups had done that year to help destroy Israel. Campus representatives from across the country spoke of successes and failures against the Jews (always called “Zionists”) at their respective schools. Fortunately many said they weren’t all that successful. Yet some were very successful. A student from a West Virginia college spoke of having “infiltrated” the student government there and gotten divestment and anti-Israel amendments through. Wayne State in Michigan, an area with a heavy Arab population, and the University of Wisconsin at Madison, the home of Al Awda, seemed to have been most successful in pushing their universities’ administrations to divest or pass resolutions condemning Israel. Abe Greenhouse of Rutgers University who smashed a pie in the face of Natan Sharansky when he was speaking on that campus then whined when arrested for it, “ But I’m a Jew too” gave a report at the conference also. The audience and Abe chuckled with glee at the report of Greenhouse’s “Biotic Brigade” and their actions against a Jew who stood up against Soviet repression not dissimilar to what Jews went through against the Nazis and then became an international leader in a place of refuge for Jews, namely Israel.[6] How insulting and vulgar to see a chubby little East Coast American Jewish boy traveling with the enablers of terrorists like Sbaihat  thinking that he is helping humanity against “oppression” by such a sophomoric act. Next up was Charlotte Kates, also from Rutgers. Her appearance spoke volumes. Ms. Kates, who decided she was a communist at age 13, was supposedly part of the reason why this event split off from the original conference at Rutgers University. Ms. Kates had voiced approval of murdering even Israeli children as “legitimate targets” which precipitated the organizers to move things to Ohio State. Outfitted with a feather boa and hat looking like a younger version of  Gloria Swanson from Sunset Blvd.,  she voiced her support of the Ohio conference and its program of attacking Israel. Her presence at this event after the supposed schism at Rutgers speaks volumes about the true sentiments of the Ohio organizers. Adam Shapiro of the International Solidarity Movement helped fill out the lineup to applause and promised more to come on Sunday.

 Having compared notes on their activities, the attendees all then broke off into separate “Action Workshops” to plan strategy for the coming year. Things were late in starting as everyone was forced again to go through metal detectors to be sure there were no cameras or tape recorders. I waited in line behind a balding fifty-ish Steve Bloom who carried a bag with multiple pins calling for the release of cop-killer Mumia. Steve was obviously at the conference as another great lover of humanity with respect for human life who never met a terrorist or murderer he didn’t like I supposed. Once inside I attended my first workshop: “Building the Caterpillar Campaign: Developing  a National Structure”.

 This event had much significance. The workshop was hosted by a tall slim student with a Fu Manchu beard named Matt who it turns out is a member of PFLP member Sbaihat’s Al Awda at the University of Wisconsin which is coordinating with the ISM to do a national campaign centering on the Caterpillar tractor corporation to force divestment from Israel. Israel has found it an effective deterrent to bulldoze the homes of suicide bombers and used tractors to save the lives of its soldiers fighting terrorists in the Casbahs of the West Bank while rooting out bomb factories as well as to build a very necessary wall on its border with the Palestine Authority to keep suicide bombers out and from murdering Israeli civilians. Obviously Caterpillar’s product is a useful one in the War On Terror. The workshop began with an introduction and reports of “folks’ work on the CAT campaign”. Stories of street theater where tractors run over people or trespassing to “arrest” Caterpillar executives in the San Francisco Bay Area were described as successful activities. Some demonstrators had dressed up as “lobbyists” to gain entry to corporate offices which was recommended as an effective means to “get inside”. Participants were asked to describe their individual groups’ actions to form a cohesive national campaign. Stop US Taxpayer Assistance to Israel Now (SUSTAIN) in Chicago told of how they had built a mock D-9 tractor to block the entrance of Caterpillar’s plant gate in Aurora, Illinois in the past and how they had reenacted the accidental death of Rachel Corrie in front of the Israeli consulate. He chuckled as he mentioned the Chicago police were upset by the gallons of fake blood they poured all over the street there. I thought it was a shame these people never saw the real blood of Israelis murdered by terrorists that Caterpillar tractors will hopefully stop from being spilled by the erection of the security wall. Other groups such as Philadelphia SUSTAIN and the Duke University divestment group recounted successes and failures. Duke students told how they interfered with construction on campus with the tractors and urged the administration to buy tractors elsewhere.The Caterpillar and divestment campaigns being planned at this event were designed to repeat over time the anti-war activity of the 70’s that tore US campuses and communities apart in order to aid in a takeover in a foreign land by totalitarian forces against US policy promoting democracy.

 With time running short I moved on to a “Skill Share Discussion Workshop” about “Deconstructing Zionist Responses on Your Campus”. The topic? How to dismiss suicide bombings. “Zionists” on campus of course referred to the Jewish community at large. One commentator suggested merely deflecting the issue not by condemning such attacks but by refusing to discuss them at all. Still another suggested claiming they were the result of “desperation”; this despite the fact that many of the suicide bombers came from wealthy families or were even professionals or did so out of religious conviction for the 72 virgins. It was suggested suicide bombings could be used to benefit the Palestinian cause by turning the argument around and saying they showed the dehumanization of the Palestinian conflict and then blaming Israel. “Don’t get defensive” was the main instruction. Then a discussion from the group began:  “Muslims should say (suicide bombings) are something they never agree with, but attacking Israeli soldiers is ok”; “We should not excuse or justify (suicide bombings) but must explain why it should happen”; “There  should be voiced a distinction between governments and people. Groups who use suicide attacks have a political tool. Some of the attacks are not for money and because they have no real political outlet”. One spoke of the injustice of blaming an entire population for the deplorable acts, then suggested comparing them to the abortion clinic shootings in the US as a diversion. Never mind that Palestinian polls show a majority of the population supports and favors them, that the PA still pays out awards for them and names streets and stadiums after the perpetrators. Still another blamed them on Ariel Sharon for visiting the Temple Mount to pray and asked with a straight face “Would it be better if (when Israelis are killed) it wasn’t a suicide bomber? Is this tactic so beneath the approach?” In other words, murdering Israelis is acceptable, so why should the method become an issue? Another voiced that “nonviolent opposition is unacceptable if your home is being destroyed”, and decried that a Ghandi-style civil rights movement would be “no good”. “Whatever I do, it must be a violent act”. Accusations of “state terrorism” by Israel were then suggested to deflect the issue when confronted by Jews. A litany of complaints about Israel began, most factually incorrect: “Israeli Arabs don’t get the same rights” (they do); “Palestinians are taxed in the territories” (they are, and every penny goes to the Palestine Authority who then steals the money); “Palestinians injured by the Israeli army cannot sue for injuries” (they have and have even won, all except for terrorists). “Israel bombs neighborhoods with F-16’s” (also untrue, in Jenin 23 Israeli soldiers died in house to house fighting clearing bomb factories when one F-16 could have done the job easily). “Saying Israel is a democracy is ‘colonialist rhetoric’” (Israel is ranked as one of the foremost democracies in the world).[7] “Palestinians aren’t allowed an army” (the PLO police, Al Fateh numbers over 40,000 armed men armed originally by Israel to fight internal terrorists but became them, not to mention the myriad number of terror groups under Arafat’s direction). [8]As time began to run out, two Palestinian students who were Christian pointed out the difficulty of dealing with American Christian groups that recognize the biblical right of Jews to the land of Israel. Telling about new Palestinian Christian clergymen who supported “the cause”, they urged that a new biblical interpretation of the Bible politically oriented to Palestinian goals was needed in order to deconstruct “Zionism” on US campuses.

The subject then moved on to “brainstorming” how to accuse Israel of being a “racist” state or to “defuse the idea that Israel is a democracy ”: One student claimed Israel deliberately holds back report cards from all Arab students “until they can’t apply to universities” (Israel actually has an affirmative action program giving Arab students preferences over Jews, even military veterans); “A student from the United Arab Emirates was denied admission to the University of Jerusalem” (bad grades?); “There are restrictions on purchases of land by Arabs. Large tracts of land are reserved for purchases by Jews” (Partially true. In Israel nobody “owns” the land, there simply isn’t enough. You lease it from the government. Israel has an affirmative action program for Jews since it is a refuge for all Jews from historical persecution. In contrast, in the Palestine authority it is a crime to sell land to a Jew and the sentence is death); “Israel doesn’t allow avocados to be harvested” (Jewish prejudice against avocados?) ; “Israelis have different colored license plates than Palestinians” (True. The Palestinian Authority requested this. Israeli Arabs have the same color license plates as Israeli Jews); “Arabs in Israel cannot vote” (They in fact do vote and have 12 Arab members of the Knesset while Palestinians under the Palestinian dictatorship cannot vote);  “Dick Cheney and Joseph Leiberman actually have dual citizenship and are Israeli citizens” (silly), ad infinitum. It amazed me how such a conference could be acceptable in the academic atmosphere of Ohio State, suggesting ways to excuse suicide bombings and developing lies to destroy a democracy of over 6 million people. It certainly doesn’t advance the educational mission or better society. Shame on Ohio State President Karen Holbrook for allowing this conference to take place. Caterpillar alone should sue Ohio State for hosting a conspiracy meeting of 400 people who intend to ruin its business in the coming year.

 With time running short I moved to the workshop next door: “Jewish Support to the Palestinian Struggle: A Strategy Session.” As I walked into the room one young woman was chuckling about how they had “infiltrated Hillel”, the national Jewish student social organization on her campus and on campuses throughout the US. The session dealt with finding Jews who were not “too Jewish” but of a secular humanist persuasion and to reduce the “fear factor” that Jews have of extermination that prevents their being brought over to the Palestinian point of view (never mind that Palestinian media exhorts killing Jews daily in the Middle East). I couldn’t help but think how the Germans also told the Jews there was nothing to fear from them as they led them into ovens, escorted to the trains by the Jewish police who were just like the “Jews” attending this conference. The bulk of the session was “to develop a  nuanced  complex/analysis/response to ‘perceived’ anti-Semitism”. How to do it? Just call your fellow Jews in Israel “Zionists”, even those born there, as you plot a way to destroy their country and set up an Islamic Arab dictatorship in its place.

 With time running short I attended the next workshop: “Effectively Using Your Campus Newspaper”. This one was hosted by Fahdi Kiblawi a graduate student at George Washington University. Fahdi as an undergraduate at Michigan and an attendee at the Michigan conference had written of how he wanted to be a suicide bomber. Here he explained how to put pressure on campus editors to write the Palestinian “point of view”.

His co-host, Salaam, a co-ed from Wayne State University, admitted that most campus newspapers do not like to run Palestinian propaganda. She advised volunteering with the campus radio station and newspaper in order to become an editor and then control the content to the movement’s advantage and to put a check on articles that might give Israel a good image.

 From there I attended the session “Energizing the Right Of Return”. The Right Of Return (ROR) was the key element of this conference, since the fulfillment of the Right Of Return means the end of Israel. By allowing every “Palestinian” and subsequent generations to enter inside Israel Arafat knows he can overpower the Jewish State and turn it into another Islamic Arab dictatorship. Nowhere in the ROR have the Palestinians every publicly suggested how such a scheme would be implemented. That is, where would such émigrés inside Israel from the Arab countries live? The answer: in a Jew’s house. For that is what is taught in the UN refugee camps.[9] . One attendee, a young fellow with a ponytail who claimed to be an Israeli yet spoke with an odd sounding English brogue, told the room how his mother who resided in Israel told him that she no longer felt like a Jew but “just an Israeli”. The logic escaped me how dismantling of the Jewish state was thus definitely in order, as if renouncing one’s Jewishness was the cure-all for the “Zionist entity” and the Arab world would thus embrace Israel’s non-Islamic inhabitants with peace and love.

I’d had enough, I had to leave until the next day…

 On Sunday morning I returned at 9 am sharp to hear a speech and conduct a promised interview with Adam Shapiro of the International Solidarity Movement. Only 16 attendees showed at first attributed to collegiate partying the night before. Even the enablers of world terrorism need to have a little fun. Shapiro began his speech describing the activities of the ISM in the West Bank and how they were opposing “occupation”.He then went on to explain the ISM’s plan for the coming year of launching the Caterpillar divestment campaign  and pushing for the Right of Return. After explaining that the ISM is led by the Palestinians, that they have plainclothes handlers at ISM events, Shapiro then said their plans were to have 1000 volunteers this spring to be smuggled into Israel under false pretenses to disrupt the activities of the Israeli army and interfere with the separation wall. He told of how left-wing Israelis lie to the authorities for ISM volunteers that they are acquainted with them if the volunteers are questioned on entering Israel in order to facilitate entry.

And then he spoke about the Birthright Program.

 One thing to note about the conference was also the cynical truth that came out about the

Birthright Program, a project begun by Jewish philanthropists to bring young Jews to Israel to develop an appreciation of the Jewish state and to even consider emigration. Time and again at the conference I was told it is being used by the International Solidarity Movement to fly anti-Israel demonstrators to the West Bank and Gaza at the expense of Jews who think they are supporting Israel so those demonstrators can then  work with the Palestinians to undermine the  anti-terrorist operations of the Israeli army. Adam Shapiro himself, the head of the ISM, boasted during his speech that ISM volunteers pose as Jews to get free expense paid trips to Israel to work against the Israeli government. Previous research on the ISM has shown they actually aid armed terrorists in targeting Israeli soldiers and have hosted suicide bombers and arms caches in ISM offices. And American Jewish philanthropists  unknowingly are paying for that. Shapiro even mentioned he knew of a Chinese couple that went to Israel under false pretenses to work for the ISM through Birthright.


With the conclusion of Shapiro’s speech I then interviewed him and found him to be actually very articulate. But still Shapiro only spoke in generalities of  “helping the Palestinian people in their ‘struggle’ against occupation” and seemed unable or unwilling to even suggest there were two sides to the conflict or that Jews were actually threatened by the Arab world. Difficult to pin down, he would condemn Arab mistreatment of the Palestinians but would always come back to Israel ending the “occupation” without explaining how such one-sided capitulation would lead to peace. He also advocated the Right Of Return but when pressed on where would this population of Arabs, larger than the current total Jewish population, live if not in Jewish homes, he had no answer. Still, the issue was a “ must do” for him with no compromise. Probing deeper I asked him that since he was touted as a Jewish leader helping the Palestinian cause, did he himself consider himself a Jew? His reply: No.  Did he convert to Islam? No. Was he an atheist? No. Shortly thereafter some Jewish students who had crashed the event got into a debate with him. Shapiro seemed to have met his match as the pat answers about “occupation”, human rights for the Palestinians, Right Of Return and other issues came into dispute by the Jewish students to a point where Shapiro walked off. As he did so, one of the Jewish students told him, “God will punish you, Adam”, to which Shapiro replied, “ There is no God”.

 Running low on time I went to a final seminar with a guest speaker named Khalid Turrani from the American Muslims for Jerusalem who was speaking on the history of the region.

Turrani, dressed in a suit, was a polished performer. As I entered he was telling the attendees that Jews in the Middle East had always been treated very well by the Arab population. That  Arabs in Palestine were always on excellent terms with their Jewish neighbors until the “Zionists” came in the 1920’s. He then went on to scoff at the notion that Israel was given to the Jews “by God” and began rewriting and weaving  a new history of Arabs being usurped by Jews who “stole the land from the Arabs” and of fellow Arab neighbors who kept the Palestinians in refugee camps instead of assimilating them like Syria that he praised as having treated his people “royally”. At his conclusion when I pointed out as early as 1888 the Arabs conducted pogroms against Jews in the Holy Land and that under Muslim rule they were considered “dhimmis”, or second class  citizens, to bow to the dictates of any Moslem, he called me a liar and prejudiced. At the same time the audience began surrounding me. Turrani made subtle ad hominum attacks on me then fled. As the crowd dissipated around me, two students quietly told me that they actually knew what I had said was indeed true. When asked why they did not speak out as the audience angrily surrounded me, they said they felt it was not their place. Apparently truth plays no part  in this movement. Like in the Muslim world that seeks to destroy Israel one must either belong or else be destroyed. And truth is irrelevant when faced up against the ultimate goal.

 The evening then concluded with a final planning session on how to end the conference by marching outside in front of the Jewish demonstrators who had gathered to protest the conference. Ora Wise and Ben Waxman were up front again as the token Jews to recount the final planning meeting held behind closed doors. Ms. Wise read off how all conferences were to adhere to democratic principles in the future per agreement of the closed door meeting. I thought how incongruous it was for this silly Jewish girl who teaches at a left-wing synagogue in New York to talk about democratic principles while trying so hard to advocate the end of a Jewish and secular democracy in Israel in order to destroy it to set up another Arab Islamic dictatorship in its place. What made her mind so sick and twisted? Jews were murdered not only in Europe and the Middle East for centuries to necessitate a haven for Jews, but Israel had tried to give the Palestinians their own country from parts of Israel. She not only was advocating that the Palestinians have a country, one that would surely be another Arab Muslim dictatorship, but that would persecute her own people ultimately as well and force them to die or flee.

She wasn’t offering a settlement or a two-state solution, she was advocating the end of Israel. Her remonstrations that “Zionism is a racist ideology” rang hollow as she embraced the most intolerant racists in the world, the Arabs, in calling for the destruction of the Jewish state. As a student from the Muslim Students Association asked for suggestions on a chant to conclude their march, Ben Waxman, another Jewish student made suggestions by saying “Suppose you’re one of the ‘Zionists’…Oops! I apologize for calling you a ‘Zionist’!” to which the room erupted in laughter. This was indeed a hate fest to rival the previous two. Clearly the Arab plan has evolved to trying to trick American Jews to support the destruction of Israel under a guise of preserving human rights. Will it succeed like it did for the Nazis in World War II? Will the Jewish community fall for it? Only time will tell….









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