10 tips to make moving with children easier

10 tips to make moving with children easier

Moving is a great change in life that affects us all. Organizing and packing boxes, making important decisions … but what about your children?

A new home, a different room, a neighborhood that is not the usual one, are some of the things that most affect children, and that is why you have to pay them a lot of attention, to convert what for them is “a mess of the elderly “In an adventure for all.

This week we give you a hand with 10 tips to make moving with children easier.

First step:

  1. Communication. Once the decision to move has been made, it must be discussed with your children. Even if they are small, they find out everything! If they find out it from you, they will feel safe and will ask a thousand questions. Answer all of them with sincerity, they will understand.
  2. Keep calm. In a move there are always stress situations but you have to try to stay calm. If you are nervous, they will also be nervous and on the contrary, if you maintain a positive attitude they will also have it.
  3. Let them decide. A move is everyone’s business and at the time of making decisions you are all those who must participate. Let your children make their own decisions. How they want their room, if they like that color for the walls, if the furniture looks good here or there.
  4. Get to know the new area well. You must not forget that it is not only the home that changes. The area, the neighborhood, and the neighbors also change and it’s good to know what’s new before moving. Find out about businesses, parks and all possible activities in your new area.
  5. If possible, take the children to know the area before the move. This will help them to become familiar and to be a little more prepared when the big day arrives.
  6. Let the children lend a hand in the move. Let them prepare their own boxes, label them and undo them when the time comes.
  7. Let them even participate in the decoration. Giving a colored slash to one of the walls will make the house a little more yours.
  8. Once installed, keep the usual routines. You have changed many things but the routines do not have to change. Meal times, dinners, going to bed … Keep these customs and the change will not be so abrupt.
  9. Help them adapt. Enroll them in activities in the new neighborhood and accompany them to make new friends. Sometimes a small push is enough!
  10. Keep communicating. The communication should not be only during the move. In spite of being all done and ready, do not forget to ask them how they are in their new home.

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