How much does a move cost?

How much does a move cost?

Do you have to move and fear how much it can cost to move all your things? Here you will find an estimated price of the move taking into account certain factors.

One of the most worrying factors when changing homes is how much it costs to move all your belongings to your new home. The first thing you should be clear about is that the price of a move is calculated taking into account the volume of things you are going to move, and the route that has to be made. From this information, the moving company can give you an approximate budget.

In this article, you will see an approximate price of how much a move costs, taking into account various factors. And if you want more information, here we explain how to change homes successfully. Factors that influence the price of a move.

Although it is a small or large move, there are things that directly affect the price increase for the transfer of your things. Each company is different, but here we tell you 4 elements that are common among each one:

  • Price per km traveled begins to count from the point of departure until arrival at the new home. If the move is made from one city to another, the surcharge increases.
  • Price by volume. The number of rooms that your home has will be another factor that will influence the cost of the move since if you have more rooms, it means that you also have more things to move.
  • Price for packaging. Another cause that can raise the cost is that the company takes charge of all the work of collecting and packing your furniture and belongings. The fact that they take care of the packaging can increase the price by approximately 30%.
  • Extra surcharge prices. If your home does not have a lift or it is very small and you are forced to request a removal lift, you will also have to ask for a special parking permit for the company, and it will be another element that will increase the price of your move.

Changing homes within the same location is one of the most economical options since they would not charge you the mileage surcharge.

And how much does it cost to move to another city?

If you move to another destination outside your locality you have to take into account the surcharge that the company makes per km traveled.

Where is it more expensive and where is it cheaper to make a move?

In general, moving within large cities such as San Francisco or Los Angeles means an increase in the price.

On the other hand, moving to closer places and/or to cities that are not so big, would imply a significant reduction in the cost of transportation.

5 tips to make your move not so expensive

  1. The more things you have to move, the higher the price, so it’s a good idea to get rid of the things you know you will not need in your new home.
  2. If the moving company takes care of packing your things, it will increase the price significantly. If you want to lower that cost, get down to work and with the help of your family and/or friends, pack what you bring to your new home on your own.
  3. Before hiring any transport agency, make sure you have requested a budget in others so that you have an approximate cost and can decide which is the best option for you.
  4. If you are going to move near or within the same locality, you can go carrying things in your car or in a friend’s. This will reduce the number of boxes and obviously the price of the move.
  5. If you can be flexible on the dates of collection and delivery of your belongings, there are companies that can vary the price according to the date.

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