Tips for making a move to another country

Tips for making a move to another country

Changing house can end up being a headache because of the move, especially if the change is going to be to a different country, because the transfer is mixed with the adaptation to the new environment that you are going to reach, the new language that You will learn and the people you will meet after your arrival. The truth is that international moves vary compared to local removals, especially as regards the method of transport, packaging, relevant documentation and the cost of travel.

If what you leave behind is a home of your own, your home insurance is a valuable backup to protect your property and belongings that you stop from any accident or that occur while you are away. Also, do not throw away the idea of ​​taking out insurance in your new city to protect your heritage from unfortunate events.

Tips before the international move

  • Select what you are going to take: the removals are also an opportunity to review your belongings and get rid of those that you no longer use, those that you do not think are convenient in your new life or those that you can sell to earn extra money. This will lighten the move by leaving only the important and open spaces for the new thing that is to come.
  • Hire a moving company: the most advisable thing is to do it in advance so they can go to your home, evaluate the volume of the move and give you a precise budget. Before an event like this, it is better to have the advice of professionals because they know better the methods of packaging and transport of all the objects you want to take. Once you hire that company, you must provide the exact addresses of the removal and download of the move, telephone numbers to facilitate communication and other relevant information as appropriate.</li>
  • Separation of goods: before leaving everything ready for the removal company to pick it up, put aside the belongings that you want or must carry by hand, such as the clothes you will use during the trip, your personal documents or some jewelry or items of value that consider that they should receive special attention during the transfer.

Tips after the international move

Communicates the change of residence: to relatives, friends, neighbors, and acquaintances, as well as to the banking entities, institutions, companies or publications to which it was subscribed.

Supplies: When you arrive at a new address it is important to make the change in gas, electricity, water, telephone, internet, and cable TV contracts so that the accounts are in your name and avoid problems such as late payments.

Insurance: just like supplies, it is necessary to look for a new medical, car and home insurance to keep you and your family safe and supported.

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